const Construction / Disaster Relief / Emergency Management / Environmental Remediation

Special Events has provided tents for construction companies when safe, functional temperature-controlled environments for continued work, or storage of temperature sensitive materials at construction sites is needed. We have worked with electricity providers who needed emergency tents for feeding workers following Hurricane Sandy. Additionally, clearspan fabric structures are versatile enough to use as sleeping quarters, food tents, emergency housing, storage and more. Furthermore, Special Events provides power generation , side-walls, flooring and lighting. Also, Clearspan tents are ideal for Groundbreaking ceremonies. Likewise, temporary fabric structures isolate the venue for celebration from active construction sites. Special Events can support healthcare, and other emergency workers with Clearspan structures used to extend available space at the hospital, or as mobile hospitals wherever the need is great; support civilian police or fire emergencies by housing mobile kitchens and canteens, housing or storage needs; support rebuilding of communities post disaster by providing temporary healthcare or school structures. Our relationship with Losberger Tents enables us to sell, set up, and store emergency health care structures to extend limited hospital or ER space, or limit the spread of infectious disease when epidemics strike. Special Events’ tents are ready for immediate delivery and installation by our crews when disaster strikes, epidemics rage, or environmental remediation has been deemed essential. We structure contracts for long-term, short-term or indefinite time period rentals, as well as purchases. Our team works with you to develop the plan, meet the budget, get the job done, when you need us.